Some FAQ's -

Don't see your question? Shoot us an email. We're happy to help. (sam@venomdd.com)

What is the fastest and easiest way to contact someone at Venom Defense?
Email sam@venomdd.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also message us on your account on our website. Voicemails will not be returned.

Where can I find that 'gold' grip in your install videos?
That is a brass grip we have retired. Sorry!

How can I use my store credit?
Store Credit (SC) is automatically applied as the first form of payment on your next order - you must be logged into your Venom Defense account to access your SC. You will see STORE CREDIT at your Check Out screen (not your shopping cart). SC has no cash value. Store Credit can be combined with a promotional code (codes are applied In Cart). Once a SC is applied, that is it. There is no cash value, there is no return value, there is no cancelation value. Ex: John has a SC of $19.97. He buys 1 product for $19.97 shipped. He then decides he wants to cancel that order. Sure, the order is cancelled, but the SC is now null and no longer exists in any capacity.  

What does "retired" mean in regards to a product?
We no longer manufacture that specific item and have no future plans to.

Can I cancel my order? 
If your order has not shipped, you can cancel it. There is a 20% cancellation fee that is applied regardless of the circumstances/reason why you need to cancel. Ex: Keith has order #11009 totaling $100. He asks for this order to be cancelled. He is refunded $80 for his order. 

If your order has shipped, you cannot cancel your order. Should you refuse to accept the package and it is sent back to us - this will result in us deducting the shipping costs as well as the 20% restocking fee from your refund.

If a chargeback is filed and we must re-route a package for any reason, the customer will be held liable for all shipping costs necessary for our products to be returned to Venom Defense. *A customer who files a chargeback is now an ex-customer and is banned from shopping at Venom Defense; any future orders will be void and or subject to an automatic 20% cancellation fee.

Can I have (insert any product here) for free?
No, you may not. Please don't ask us this. You can purchase it, just like everyone else. Don't make this weird.

Why can't I ship this order to my 'friend' 7 states away?
Our software will not accept orders without matching billing and shipping addresses as they're listed with your financial institution. A mismatch of information will instantly trigger as fraud, place your order under a hold for manual processing and we will void the order. This policy protects our business and our customers.   *Now, I didn't say you need to like this policy, but purchasing from us is agreeing to our terms and this is one of our terms. It is very simple. 

Can you apply an expired promo code, offer, sale price, etc. to my order OR "hold" this offer for me?
Sorry! All promotional pricing is only valid during that pricing period specified and for in stock items only. We will not hold an offer, apply an expired offer, price match from 4 months ago, etc. You understand, I'm sure. Again, let's not make this weird.

Can I return this product?
All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee regardless of the circumstances/reason for your return.  
Retail Customers: We understand sometimes things just don't work out.  The fit may be wrong for you, you changed your build, your significant other loves you to pieces and already ordered you one, etc.   Within *14* days of receipt of your product (via USPS, UPS, FedEx Tracking Confirmation), you may choose to send it back to us; return shipping costs are on you though.  *All returns must be approved via email before they are sent back to us.* If Venom Defense deems your product damaged in our error, we will provide a return label for you and send a replacement.  Returns must be approved via email before being sent. You must include your email approval, your order number and your name with the return.  Failure to do so will result in long delays in your refund or a denied refund.  Refunds typically take 7-10 business days to clear into your account - check with your financial institution once you receive our refund transaction details for further information should you need it. Please be aware that shipping fees are non refundable. 

*Please note: Returns and cancellations are not accepted on Purchase Orders or Dealer Orders as these are considered Custom Work. 

Does Venom Defense offer a Dealer Program or Dealer Pricing?

11/25/21: We are not accepting any new dealers at this time.

Please email us with the specific items and quantities you are looking for. We are happy to quote your next order. Dealer pricing starts at 20 units. Dealer Orders are to be placed via Purchase Order and with a business check. Dealer Orders are not eligible for cancellation and are not eligible for refunds as they are considered Custom Orders. 

Why did you cancel my order?
We reserve the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason providing the customer with a refund. Ex: your product was oversold, you were asked not to contact us ever again, you are buying something illegal in your state, fraud detection was triggered, etc. 

I ordered my product yesterday but it hasn't shipped?! What is going on!?!?
Did you read the lead time on your product? Start there - that information is found BEFORE the product description on each product page. It is in red, bold text. I tried to make it easy for you. In stock items: we strive to ship within 5 business days, with a lot of orders leaving SAME DAY; however ( and deep breath here ), we aren't a warehouse.

No, we stated shipping from us handing it to USPS and them handing it to you should take about 2 to 5 days. We ship First Class and Priority with USPS. For larger orders, we utilize UPS ground. Orders may ship with Signature on Delivery at our discretion. 

Free Shipping!
Yay - We try to offer awesome deals on our products and we love to offer promotions like free shipping when we can; however, if your order is returned to us, for any reason, YOU are now responsible for all shipping costs incurred to get the package to you. If you typed your address wrong, if you forgot you moved, if you didn't forward your mail, if you didn't pick it up in time from your box, if it's marked undeliverable because your pet moose is outside and the mail person cannot bring it to you, or whatever other reason... you are now paying for all costs of that package to be sent back to you. We will invoice you for that payment before the package leaves our facility again. 

I didn't test-fit my parts, now my build is ruined and it's all your fault.
Please test fit all components you intend to use prior to modifying your lower, once a lower has been modified in ANY way we cannot accept a return or exchange it for you.  We are not responsible for your workmanship. 

Can I buy (insert product here) but pay later?
All orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase. We do not offer extended payment terms to anyone, dealers included. 

Do you make fidget spinners? Flash lights? 
We no longer manufacture them and have no plans to in the future. We do not have any extras. We do not have any accessories. We are out of the EDC game. 

I'm local. Can I swing by and pick up my product from your shop?
No, we are not a retail establishment; there is no store front. We are a machine shop. We take our privacy very seriously and you should as well. 

Why do you not recommend your product for SBR’s, rifle caliber pistols and fully automatic weapons?
A couple simple reasons: 

1) Safety! Both for the shooter and anyone in the immediate area. As barrel length gets shorter, perceived volume gets much louder. You will definitely want to double up on ear protection, if you really insist on this. You MUST also wear eye protection as muzzle blast is GREATLY intensified on short barrels. 

2) The muzzle blast pressure is much higher, which will significantly shorten the useful life of your muzzle device. Unburned gunpowder has a sand-like consistency. It exits the end of the barrel at an EXTREMELY high rate of speed. This has a sand-blasting type effect. Over time, this will erode the metal of your muzzle device, requiring it to be replaced. This effect is significantly higher on shorter barrels or with high rates of fire. 

We do not warranty our products lifespan, as it is too dependent on how the product is used. We do not recommend our softer metal products in these situations. We have had reports of customers having good luck with our more durable materials on these types of setups (Titanium, Stainless, Carbon Steel).

How do I install my new muzzle device?
PLEASE – do not use a regular metal wrench to try to install your new product. It will severely damage the finish. We do not warranty any damage caused by not following this procedure. The best method is to use a strap wrench.

If you do not have a strap wrench, a leather belt, old bicycle tire inner tube, or anything similar will work. Since our flash hiders are round, this is the only option. Flash hiders may be installed with or without a crush washer, but only need to be just over hand tight. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN – barrel threads are extremely fine and extremely shallow. They will strip VERY easily. 

Compensators must be installed with a crush washer or shim washer to properly align the exhaust ports. The three sides with openings point left, right and up, and the compensator should be level. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not twist from the muzzle end of the device. Your wrench must grip as close to the threaded end as possible to avoid damaging the device. You may use a metal wrench, if needed, but it must be padded to protect the finish. You may use a rag or similar between the wrench and compensator, but it must be folded over sufficiently to keep the wrench from scratching the finish.

Do not block or obscure the blast ports on muzzle devices. A large amount of energy is dispersed from these areas and this energy may damage anything in its path. Do not fire the weapon if anyone or anything is in line with the path of the blast ports. Always wear hearing and eye protection when using or in the vicinity of someone using a firearm. Shorter barrel lengths increase the intensity of the muzzle blast and also shorten the useful life of the device. Additional hearing protection may be required as perceived volume to the shooter increases as barrel length decreases.