AR-9 VIPER Compensator 1/2"-28 QPQ Coated

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9mm VIPER in 1/2"-28

Our line of compensators redirect and disperse muzzle gasses to effectively reduce, if not completely eliminate, both muzzle rise and felt recoil. The significant reduction in muzzle climb and felt recoil allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Threaded 1/2"-28 and bored for standard 9mm

Material: Carbon Steel

Length - 2"

Height - .75"

Width - .95"

Weight: 2.2oz


Black crush washer included.

7 Reviews

  • 5
    10 stars

    Posted by John West on Sep 22nd 2021

    This gets 10 out of 5 stars! I can't say enough good things about this comp/brake. I've bought 7 or 8 of the AR15 versions and 1 of the AR9 version for my PSA AKV-9. They work extremely well, keeping you on target. As with any brake I wouldn't recommend standing the next to the shooter, although I have to admit I like it ; ) On top of all that, they're the most budget friendly muzzle device on the market and they look great!!! Just buy and try, you won't be disappointed!

  • 5
    Awsome product as expected

    Posted by J. Carro on May 15th 2021

    This is my second Venom comp, and I love it. I will for sure get another one or two in the future. Nothing but the best from my Home State!

  • 5

    Posted by daniel Matzinger on Apr 25th 2021

    I bought one to check it out based on the low price,
    I know have 3 9mm and 1 308.
    They are awesome!

  • 5
    " Awsome Compensato- Awsome Price "

    Posted by Gary Konigsmark on Nov 15th 2020

    Product fits right into the 9mm PCC category , excellent workmanship, and gets the job done, have the other caliber Vipers in use,all work great...

  • 4
    AR9 Viper Compensator

    Posted by Tim Rollins on Jul 16th 2020

    Very well machined and coated. Haven't had a chance to test it yet. Other reviews were favorable.

  • 5
    Best Accessory I have ever bought!!!!

    Posted by Rick Liebespach on Jun 12th 2020

    I bought this for my KelTec Sub 2000. The stock S2K had quite a bit of kick, considering it is only a 9mm. I just got back from the range, where I shot my S2K for the 1st time with the AR-9 Viper Compensator.
    What a difference!!!
    The S2K now has a recoil close to a .22lr..... it is maybe 80% less than it was before! (at least it feels like that to me)
    I hate to say something that may result in this costing someone else more money (I paid $22.50), but this would have been money well spent at twice the price!
    If there is ever another product I need/want, that they have.... I"m buying from them!

  • 5
    AR 9 Viper Comp

    Posted by Dennie Vega on May 14th 2020

    Looks great, well made and quality machined. Venom Defense always has fast shipping and great service too. The comp works well regarding compensation and makes it easier to stay on direct, especially considering how jarring direct blowback can be, even though in this case it's only 9mm. I used this one on my PSA AKV and it looks DOPE! I'll be purchasing another for my PTR 9K as soon as it arrives at my FFL (no Im not an MP5 purist...). Great job guys. I've also purchased the Mjolnir pistol grip for one of my AR builds and love it too.