AR-15 VIPER Compensator 1/2"-28 QPQ Coated

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VIPER in 1/2"-28

Our line of compensators redirect and disperse muzzle gasses to effectively reduce, if not completely eliminate, both muzzle rise and felt recoil. The significant reduction in muzzle climb and felt recoil allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Threaded 1/2"-28 and bored for standard .223" / 5.56mm

Material: Carbon Steel

Length - 2"

Height - .75"

Width - .95"

Weight: 2.2oz


Black crush washer included

61 Reviews

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    AR 15 Viper Compensator

    Posted by Mike Horrocks on Apr 5th 2022

    Purchased this brake after reading the reviews online. Have been really surprised with the amount of recoil reduction for follow up shots. Love the brake and it is by far the best value out there!

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    Venom muzzle brakes

    Posted by mark meadows on Mar 26th 2022

    These venom defense muzzle brakes are the best value in performance’ design and budget. They’re not overpriced like most companies brakes. I have 5 of them on most of my Ar’s ranging from 5.56 to .308 in titanium and steel. They reduce recoil very well and look badass’ the machining is very detailed and their logo looks cool without being cheesy or cheap looking. I had miculek style brakes on my rilfes before and they are ugly and heavy. The venom defense look way better and work better in my opinion. Venom defense has fast shipping and good service. If you’re on the fence’ I say get some you won’t regret it.

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    AR parts

    Posted by Eric Higgins on Mar 26th 2022

    Better than I thought and the price was fantastic

  • 5

    Posted by Justin B on Mar 25th 2022

    Watched a bunch of YouTube reviews and read a lot of top ten reviews online about SJC, Apollo, Surefire etc. all the expensive ones. Then I came across a video that reviewed about 40 or so and this one showed up for the best value. It’s literally the best for the money. Easy to install, looks and feels good and reduces the recoil on my AR by a noticeable amount. Can’t complain one bit, 5 stars, and I’m definitely ordering more as the builds come in. Don’t waste your money on those $150 ones, when you have this as an option. Venom all the way.

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    Viper Value

    Posted by Bryan Rutherford on Feb 21st 2022

    Put simply, it's easily the nicest and best performing brake that $12.99 can hope to buy.

  • 5
    Looks awesome

    Posted by Jonathan Purcell on Feb 13th 2022

    Love the look it added to my rifle sadly I haven't had the chance to go shoot and test it out

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    Flat - all day!

    Posted by Anthony on Feb 1st 2022

    Picked one of these up years ago and it was the best decision, especially for the price. There is a video on YouTube that reviews 40 muzzle brakes and prices. This fell in the top 5 and it was budget friendly. Great products for a great price!

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    ar15 compensator

    Posted by Wayne H on Jan 28th 2022

    great product at a great price. i have bought 6 over the last few years. fit , looks and function are awesome.
    thanks Sam

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    Viper compensator

    Posted by Jacob Simpson on Jan 18th 2022

    Buy this product, it will speak for itself. I won’t build an AR without one.