AR-15 "Mjolnir" POLYMER Skeletonized Pistol Grips

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BLACK 1WK approx. from order date and currently available for purchase; no other colors or options available. *Please be aware: all production lead times are estimates only; these are in no way guarantees of product shipment dates.


MJOLNIR POLYMER Skeletonized Grip


Our beloved MJOLNIR is now available in lightweight polymer!

The unique geometry of the MJOLNIR provides an ergonomic grip with its beautiful machined texture.

Compatible with any receiver that accepts a standard AR grip.

Material: Black Polymer 

Weight: 2.5oz

Meaning: Norse Mythology - Thor's Hammer

Pronunciation: (roughly) Mm-Yole-Ner

*Includes a low profile mounting screw and specific installation tool.

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