About Us

Get to know us a little better - 

Venom Defense & Design is a small, family-owned and operated company. Here, you will find Sam in the shop or out at the range and Katelyn behind the scenes - usually answering your emails. Sam is a manufacturing engineer by trade and entrepreneur by blood while Katelyn's background is in business management. Sam & Katelyn have been married for over a decade, have a handful of young children and a growing hobby farm. Follow Venom Defense on Instagram @venomdefense for a behind the scenes look at our machinery, tooling, and production as well as a glimpse into our lives outside the shop.

Venom Defense was formed as a creative outlet to provide consumers with unique and interesting products that do not conform to industry norms. We offer a variety of products in our ever-changing line. Our goal is to stand out among the crowd and develop attention-grabbing products at a great price. All of our products are made in the USA.

Venom Defense was officially founded in 2013.

We're located in Allendale, Michigan. We grew up near by and knew we wanted to raise our family surrounded by the countryside; somewhere where the houses are far apart and the people are a close-knit community. 

Simply put - because we can and because you deserve better than what's offered elsewhere. We are creative, innovative, outside-the-box kind of people and we bring all that to the table with our unique approach to design, functionality and business.