About Us

Venom Defense & Design is a small, family-owned and operated company founded in our pole barn in 2013 in Allendale, Michigan; in March 2022, we moved to our facility in Spring Lake, Michigan. 

Venom Defense & Design became an outlet to provide consumers with interesting products outside of industry norms. We offer a variety of products in our ever-changing line. We continue to stand out among the crowd and develop attention-grabbing products at comfortable prices for our customers. 

Our customers deserve better than what's offered elsewhere. We are creative, innovative and outside-the-box kind of people with our distinctive approach to design, functionality and business. All of our products are designed in-house and are manufactured right here in the USA. 

Venom Defense & Design is a Type 07 FFL. *No unapproved transfers. They will be denied.


So, Who is Venom Defense? 
Sam and Katelyn.

We've been married for over 13 years. We're Mom & Dad to three incredible kiddos, two of whom are Autistic. While Sam keeps the shop running, Katelyn keeps life running - especially for our children. 

Sam: A degreed Manufacturing Engineer and a collector of all cords, the guy can build/make absolutely anything (no, this is not an invitation for custom work; we still don't offer custom work.) He loves our Powerquest 380 Avenger and will tell you time spent on the water is time well spent. 

Katelyn: If I am not in the office, I am with our children; their therapies, their needs, their everything is my everything. With one neurotypical child & two neurodivergent children, I homeschool all three.  I love being on our boat, redesigning spaces, collecting books I intend to read one day & playing with our Doberman/Schnauzer rescue. 

Follow Venom Defense on Instagram @venomdefense for a behind-the-scenes look at our machinery, tooling and production, as well as a glimpse into our lives outside the shop.

Questions can be sent to sam@venomdd.com where Sam or Katelyn will get back to you if the information is not available on our site.  Be sure to read our FAQ page