100 PACK of AR-15 Billet 80% Lower Receivers

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Our VDD80 Lower Receiver in 80% completed form, to be finished by the end user. The VDD80 is precision CNC-machined from billet 6061 aluminum at our facility. Billet receivers provide a significantly higher level of quality due to the stability of the raw material. Forged lowers are ideally suited to inexpensively producing products in high volume, but the drawback is poor aesthetic consistency, unpredictable fit/finish and material instability - Say it with us: Billet is better.

  • T6 Heat-Treated 6061 Billet Aluminum - Raw finish (As machined)
  • Flared magwell to improve mag changes
  • Billet quality in a simplified form factor
  • Proprietary magazine geometry eliminates poor quality broaching
  • Fully CNC machined from aerospace material
  • 100% USA Made

Our goal is to produce a quality product at an affordable price. Machining marks are perfectly acceptable and agreed to with the purchase of this product. 

Because 80% Lowers are not considered firearms by ATF, we can ship them right to your front door with no FFL required. Finished rifles must meet all applicable laws and you must be able to legally own a firearm. Compliance with all federal and local laws is YOUR responsibility.

We ARE NOT able to ship this product to anyone residing in the states of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington and Washington DC. Should an order for 80% lower(s) be placed for shipment to any prohibited state, the order will be cancelled and the card holder is subject to a 20% cancellation fee. 

*Please note - while many of our customers enjoy the look and simplicity of the "as machined" aluminum, this finish is intended to be completed by the end user; therefore, machining marks will be visible.

**Required machining to complete an 80% lower includes: Selector hole, Trigger pin hole, Hammer pin hole, Take-down lug slot, Fire control group pocket, Trigger slot

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    10 pack of lowers

    Posted by Larry Gene Jackson II on Nov 15th 2022

    Excellent lowers with excellent quality and price. Service is prompt and courteous. Took a while to get but they were hammered at the time so I completely understand! Will for sure be a repeat customer! Thanks again!

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    10 pack 80% lowers

    Posted by Travis on Oct 17th 2022

    Website seemed a tiny bit sketchy lol….”don’t call, email, text, yell from next door, or send a smoke signal, or we’ll cancel your order and take a 20% restocking fee!!!!” ----------------- VDD Response: Haha happy I could make you laugh. Anyone is welcome to email us at any time, after reading through our Policies and FAQ page, just as the website states. Thoroughly glad you were able to read through the site and avoid any unnecessary back and forth though; that is key efficiency right there. Working smarter, not harder than the rest. Thank you for your order, Travis. We do hope you enjoy building these out. All the best -Katelyn

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    Great Lowers

    Posted by Greg on Oct 5th 2022

    Quality control is there but double check some smaller details. All 10 lowers were perfect with one minor exception. 1 lower had fouled up threads for the pistol grip right out of the box. Didn’t make a stink of it because the backlog time and if I think I can machine a lower then I should be able to run a tap to clean up some rolled threads. Still, the quality is there and the price is right!

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    10 pack 8% lower receivers

    Posted by Raybob on Aug 17th 2022

    Well I couldn’t give an honest 1 star review because it was a good receiver. Now that that is out of the way this company has no regard for costumers or costumers service. At the time I ordered the site said 2 weeks behind on shipping but after 10 weeks these people were acting like I was unreasonable for wanting my money back and finally shipped the day I demanded my money back.I literally mean 30 min after I demanded it back. Seems fishy to me make up your own mind. ___________ VDD Response: Hello Davan, Nice to hear from you, again. We have been running at the same 8 plus week extended lead time on all original lead times since April 2022. This is posted everywhere on our website, including the product page you ordered from. Please read our policies like I have been begging you to do for months. Dirty laundry should always be washed inside; never on the line, but these are your clothes - Yes, I reprinted your shipping label with Signature on Delivery and cancelled the first that had been printed 4 days prior where drop off anywhere at your address had been approved. Entitlement and audacity are not good looks on anyone. All of this came after so many escalating emails from you, in which you made it abundantly clear you refused to read any lead times, acknowledge or follow any of our policies, respect any notices we have had posted for months, etc., even when I would quote them and link them for you; so yes, protecting our business comes first by reprinting your label. I am really sorry that upset you though and caused you to overthink with such interesting speculation. Finally, thank you, our lowers are great quality and we are very proud of them and they are our fastest selling and fastest growing product. Truly appreciate your kind words and review on them. I hope you enjoy building them out.

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    10 pack of lowers

    Posted by Larry Gene Jackson II on Aug 10th 2022

    Excellent product exactly as described! Shipping took a little over 3 months but well worth the wait they are slammed because we all are scared what the liberal idiot that is president will do next! Too bad they seem to like to be lost in boating accidents and car wrecks...must be a curse! Thanks again V.D.!

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    10 Pack of AR-15 Billet 80% Lowers

    Posted by J.W. on Jul 29th 2022

    I ordered the 10 pack back on Apr. 13, 2022 & they got delivered on July 13. Long time, but worth the wait (and I understand it takes time since orders probably shot through the roof at the time). Have not milled any out yet, set it side-by-side with a Noreen forged lower. Looks like a quality product, especially considering the price compared to other billet products. I think some edges need to be smoothed over with hand sanding, not filed. Will also have to see what the best way to smooth out the tooling marks from the milling, either glass beading or polishing. Would have liked for customer service to at least keep me posted as to delivery time, but they were posting order #'s on the website as to who could expect to get their order shipped. Patience is key.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeffrey Manross on Jul 7th 2022

    Great looking lowers at a super price!

  • 5
    Great lowers!

    Posted by Pain on Jun 6th 2022

    I previously bought a 3 pack of these lowers. They milled out beautifully. I am very happy with them. I bought another 10 pack and am extremely satisfied with them. I took a Dremel to my lowers and smoothed out some of the sharp corners and edges. They're not bad or defective; that's just their style. To me it makes them more comfortable to handle and more aesthetically pleasing after smoothing the edges.

  • 5

    Posted by David W. Barker on Apr 21st 2022

    As a 73 year old retired machinist and a Viet Nam vet. I can say that the workmanship you do is excellent. Thanks